Bonds Information

MirLand bond securities listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange:

Series of Bonds Bonds G
Interest is playable on the bonds, in Annual payments
Not linked
The bonds are to be redeemed in 3 annual, equal payments on 31/12 from 2021 to 2023 (inclusive)
Rating Not credited
Issuance Date Dec-16
Outstanding liability (par value): 31/12/2018 in US$ (M) 55
Outstanding liability (par value): 31/03/2019 in US$ (M) 64.4


Announcement of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Approval 18/11/16

Court Hearing to Approve the Settlement Plan 15/09/16

Results of EGM and Bondholders Meeting 05/09/16

Settlement Plan with the Bondholders and Notice of Bondholders' Meeting 24/08/16

Circular re Settlement Plan with the Bondholders and Notice of General Meeting 19/08/16

Update on Century Project Acquisition 19/08/16

Approval of Settlement with Bondholders 11/08/16

Update on Bond Restructuring 20/07/16

Court Application Announcement  27/06/16

Update Regarding Proposed Restructuring Plan 02/02/16

Update Regarding Settlement Plan and Bonds Rating 17/12/15 

Approval of Settlement with Bondholders 17/11/15

Bonds Update 01/04/2015

MirLand Bonds Announcement 08/01/15

MirLand Bonds Rating 16/12/14 

Issue of New Series F Bonds 16/09/14

Offering of New Series F Bonds 12/09/14

MirLand Bonds Rating 01/09/14 

MirLand Bonds Issue Announcement 06/12/13

MirLand Bonds Rating 02/12/13 

Shelf Prospectus Amendment 01/07/13

MirLand Bonds Rating 26/06/13 

Issuance of Series D Bonds 14/05/13 

Issuance of Series D Bonds 09/05/13