Stock Information

There are no restrictions on the transfer of any AIM Securities of MirLand Development Corporation Plc.MirLand Development Corporation Plc is not traded on any platforms or exchanges other than the
AIM of the LSE.

Holdings of AIM securities by significant shareholders

The number of AIM securities in issue: 103,558,005

The Holder - Current Held per Value Percentage of the Consolidated Holdings
Mivne Group 10,255,363 10.87%
Phoenix Group 10,360,620 10.98%
Analyst Trust fund management 9,761,241 10.35%
Menora Group 9,192,251 9.74%
ION Asset management 8,140,039 8.63%
Harel Insurance 5,177,639 5.49%
Public 33%

As at 20 July 2017